Sirma Media is a part of one of Bulgaria’s biggest and stable software companies – Sirma Group Holding. Sirma Media is leading Bulgarian publisher and provider of multimedia knowledge products - encyclopedias, dictionaries, educational games, language tools, web-based knowledge databases, digital repositories, learning management systems, teacher training courses, specialized hardware solutions for education, etc...
Sirma Media’s activity started in 2002 with the release of the first Bulgarian electronic encyclopedia “A-Z” in cooperation with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and “Trud” Publishing house. The publishing of multimedia knowledge products continues with expanding depth and range.
Sirma Media is developing in two main business directions – EDUCATION: multimedia educational products; specialized web applications – web portals, semantic repositories, learning management systems; own teaching methods and training and qualification courses for teachers; specialized educational hardware solutions and CULTURAL-HISTORICAL HERITAGE: digitalization and modern presentation of cultural-historical heritage, digital repositories for artifacts, web-based information management systems, catalogues and presentation of cultural-historical heritage.
The multimedia encyclopedic products of Sirma Media (educational package “Knowledge products”), together with the knowledge and educational web-portal www.znam.bg, as well as the semantic repository of educational recourses available in all Bulgarian schools and are actively used for the needs of the educational process.
Sirma Media is the partner of major world brands with leading position in the area of education such as: Intel, Young Digital Planet, Luidia, Fourier Systems and many others.
The ambition of Sirma Media is to be a defining and motivating force in the creation of a system of principles, standards and cooperation organizations for the gradual formation of a national knowledge network as part of our development towards a „knowledge society”.